Germany, Weimar

Understanding Spaces

when 21 August 2016 - 2 September 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 ECTS
fee EUR 600

The course Understanding Spaces explores multiple, hands-on, innovative artistic approaches to increase perceptual sensibility and develop a deepened grasp of the particularity of place. Discourses from the visual arts, architecture and aesthetics are applied to generate a better understanding of the diversity of spaces. The course closely links theory and practice through lectures, seminars, field trips through various shaped landscapes, and individual projects.

Methods are introduced to capture spatial moods and to express them through artistic techniques. Based on the analysis of the places selected, students develop two artistic or architectural projects. Special features of this course are field trips in Thuringia to experience particular original natural landscapes.

The course Understanding Spaces offers a wonderful learning experience in the company of a group of international students from various disciplines. Mornings and afternoons are structured by lectures and seminars, as well as field trips, analyses by students of particular spaces. Each student will develop two artist or architectural design projects during the course. Studio work is individually mentored by the course instructor. In-class presentations of analyses and projects allow a joint review of the design process. An active participation in group discussions and constructive class critiques will be encouraged.

Students are encouraged to keep track of their own perception of particular spaces with the help of a log book throughout the course period. In order to increase the understanding of spaces, students are asked to produce analyses of each of the visited landscapes, which will serve as starting points for two artistic or architectural projects.

The concrete aim of the course is to support participants’ capacity for perception of natural and cultural shaped spaces, and to open up possibilities for new design ideas that can be used in artistic and architectural practice. Understanding Spaces will provide artists and architects with new design approaches for the development of site-specific interventions and architectural design projects.

Course leader

Marie Ulber

Target group

This course is especially oriented towards students of Architecture and Visual Arts, and related areas of study, such as Urban Planning, Landscapes Architecture and Art and Design, and is open to all students with a general interest in understanding spaces and finding design solutions.

Fee info

EUR 600: 2 weeks | 90hrs

The course fee is 600 EUR.

The course fee includes:
programme according to description
teaching materials
Bauhaus Summer School ID card
Internet access at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
free use of library
accompanying programme (except excursions)
free entrance to museums belonging to Klassik Stiftung Weimar
EUR 450: For students and alumni the course fee is 450 EUR.