United Kingdom, London

Forensic Science

when 27 June 2016 - 15 July 2016
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee GBP 1590

The truth behind CSI! This module may show you that forensic science isn’t quite as it is portrayed in television programmes but will give you an insight into techniques that are used to great effect in real forensic science. It is delivered by the King’s Forensic Science unit by academics with an international reputation in the field and researchers at the cutting edge of advances in the subject. You will get to carry out DNA profiling and analyse confiscated street drugs (strict security enforced).
The module will provide an overview of the forensic science field and of the major techniques employed in forensic laboratories all over the world. Through a combination of theory, practical activities and tutorials it will enable students to understand the key underlying principles of Forensic Biology and Chemistry and to develop specific skills associated with forensic analysis.

Course leader

Department of Pharmacy & Forensic Science

Target group

This module would benefit students who are considering a career in forensic science as well of those, from any background who have an interest in and desire to know about tests used in forensic science.

Course aim

By the end of this module the students are expected to know and understand the main principles of a forensic investigation and become familiar with specific aspects of biological search, DNA profiling and drugs of abuse analysis. They will be able to discuss ethical aspects of the forensic field (i.e. National DNA database), and be able to work both independently and as part of a team and will learn how to search, collect, and select the information needed in a forensic context. They will understand and be able to use the most relevant forensic techniques.

Credits info

Many of our students get credit for the summer modules taken at King’s. You should approach your home university before applying as it is up to them to apply the credit to your degree programme. We would recommend a three week module would be equivalent to 3-4 US credits or 7.5 ECTS.

Fee info

GBP 1590: Tuition fee only