Lucerne, Switzerland

Ethics in a Global Context

when 10 June 2021 - 15 June 2021
language English
duration 1 week
credits 6 EC

The Lucerne Summer University: Ethics in a Global Context LSUE under the patronage of UNESCO, 10 - 15 June 2021

The application periode is between 21.09.2020-30.11.2020.

• Climate change
• Flight and migration
• Digitization and robotization, plus the use of artificial intelligence
• Inequality and poverty
• Global justice and human rights
• Business, finance and entrepreneurship
• Biomedicine

Who is responsible for climate protection? What can be done against global inequality and poverty? How can global justice be connected with local traditions, cultural diversity and religious values? How can human rights be ethically justified as universal norms? What ethical chances and risks arise from the digital transformation and the growing use of artificial intelligence?

The LSUE enables young scientists and researchers to examine ethical questions of today and tomorrow – beyond the boundaries of academic fields, cultures and religion – and to search together for solutions in a global context.

This practical and action-oriented dialog is ideal to nurture a constantly expanding, international network of committed decision makers who exchange knowledge, advise each other and work together. The guiding principle of this endeavor is "Know how, act now".

Course leader

Prof. Dr. Peter G. Kirchschlaeger, Director of the Lucerne Summer University: Ethics in a Global Context LSUE; Professor of Theological Ethics; Director of the Institute of Social Ethics ISE at the Faculty of Theology, University of Lucerne

Target group

Who can apply?

PhD students and MA students
Do I have to study a specific subject?

No, PhD students and MA students from all disciplines can apply

What requirements must I meet?

Good command of English: the entire LSUE is conducted in English
An intrinsic interest in ethical questions and challenges

How do I apply?

Show us your interest in ethical questions of today and the future in a global context
Explain to us how you want to contribute to our global and interdisciplinary network
Outline your plan on how to achieve a positive impact within your context or academic research through ethical skills and knowledge
Send us your CV and two letters of recommendation

Who will be admitted?

At the end of the application period, the complete applications will be reviewed by an international jury
30 people are selected and invited

Course aim

Teaching specific methods and instruments used in ethics so that the participants learn how to deal with moral dilemmas and how to cope with ethical challenges in the respective fields of study.

In dialog with the faculty and each other, enabling the participants to gain additional specific skills beyond their own subject in fields such as environmental ethics, technology ethics, business and finance ethics, intercultural ethics, human rights ethics, biomedical ethics etc.

Building a global network for sustainable responsibility.

Enabling participants to address moral questions and ethical topics in their working environment and to advise others on these topics and questions. This allows them to contribute to societal, political, institutional or organizational opinion-making and decision-making processes from an ethical standpoint and thus play a key role in creating a better present and future.

Developing specific ethical skills that open up new opportunities for the participants as unique selling points for their careers (for example, in the field of corporate social responsibility).

Credits info

6 EC
To receive the 6 ECTS points, you must write a final project thesis

Fee info

CHF 0: No tuition fee.


Please note that the number of scholarship places is limited with regard to financial support for travel, room and board. Scholarships are only available to participants who are financially dependent on them.