Austria, Salzburg


when 6 August 2018 - 25 August 2018
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 950

Our world consists of an infinite number of things, of an infinite variety of materials. Almost all these materials can be used in artworks. But how can we find the right material, how can we establish a sustainable relationship with this material? This is the question participants in Yorgos Sapountzis’s course will explore.

Starting by reconnoitring the space, in short performative exercises they will make a study of diverse materials with which they have already worked or new ones they wish to investigate. What is my relationship with the space I’m working in? How do I find “my” material? How do I establish a relationship with it? By means of these and similar questions, the participants will discover their “own” material and establish with it a relationship that enables them to employ it creatively.

The aim of the course is for participants to develop their personal material world, thus learning how to express exactly what they wish to say. Participants will work on their own projects as well as in the group. Group work will focus on questions of the body – their own, and that of the work going on in the room.

The course concludes with the final presentation, which will be prepared collaboratively.

Course leader

Yorgos Sapountzis

Target group

open to anyone interested in fine arts

Fee info

EUR 950: Regular fee
EUR 710: Reduced fee for students


Send application for grants by 3 April 2018. link on official website