France, Paris

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when 16 July 2018 - 27 July 2018
language French
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 480

This Summer School is dedicated to people from all-­over the world who want to reveal their artistic talent, thanks to a two-­week Summer School in Paris (French-speaking session also available in Paris, Nantes, Rennes & Strasbourg).

This experience will allow participants to develop their creative sense through arts and cultural activities guided by experienced teachers.
This program will give you a panorama of opportunities offered in design and image fields. Our campuses are located in picturesque cities of France

- Paris
- Nantes
- Strasbourg

Courses :

Drawing techniques

Drawing lessons are a must for every people willing to practice arts. During this Summer School you will learn to draw the world that is surrounding you and the one in your mind!

You will be introduced to the following art technics : Live models, sketches, perspectives, pastel, watercolor, oil painting. The drawing faces, objects and landscapes from nature (3D) or from pictures (2D) light & shadows…Thanks to the MJM Graphic Design experience, drawing is not a rocket science !


The workshops will allow you to be in contact with the material in a fun and thematic way. Now, it is the perfect time for action and new sensations!

After these workshops, you will know more about the volumes theory and structures. To transform materials you will have to fold, crease, curl... Taming the material by crackling, scratching, waving. Finally familiarize yourself with the surfaces by touching, assembly and overlays techniques....

Arts Culture Development

France is an open air museum and a leading place in art and creative industries. MJM Graphic Design will provide you some turnkeys to fully enjoy it! Whether in Paris, Nantes, Strasbourg and Rennes, MJM Graphic Design will feature in the program the following courses : Art history, contemporary art awareness, exhibitions and visits . During afternoons and weekends you will have the opportunity to visit France by yourself. For sure you will never get bored in France if you love arts! After this experience your artistic sense will be developed, and we hope that you will cultivate it all life long after this Summer Program!

Computer Graphics Workshop

Lets learn about artistic expression on tablet using the most powerful software in the Adobe suite: Photoshop
You will give life to your imagination in learning the basics of this powerful creation tool! To edit, to crop or to compose an image will have no more secrets for you!

Photo Shooting Workshop

Express your talent through photography! Maybe you are already a “selfie expert”… Go to the next level and discover the endless possibilities offered by photography. In our studio or during outdoor sessions, you will learn the first rules of this art thanks to professionals. An experience not to be missed if you want to immortalize this Summer School!

Course leader

Issho - Photographe de Mode
Thierry G. - Story Boarder (Drawing lesson)
Mariane P. - Textile designer
Alexandre A. - Photoshop/Illustrator

Target group

The Summer School program is designed to offer an ideal balance between creative workshops, lectures, thematic tours, workshops, visits to exhibitions and museums...

During this program, students will be introduced to the following techniques:
• Drawing analysis and observation portrait
• Sketches • Perspective
• Flat material and volume
• Art History lecture
• Museums and exhibitions visits
• Photo Shooting • Graphic Design (Photoshop)

To train professionals of tomorrow, we provide excellent facilities and updated equipment:
• PC / MAC
• Drawing tablets
• 3D printer
• Photo Studios
• Library
• Material library
• Light tables
• Study room

This program is open to any people or prospective student from the age of 15 who wants to start an artistic career, integrating MJM GRAPHIC DESIGN, or simply have a unique experience about French culture and artistic know-­how.

Course aim

An Art Book made with your achievements and the certificate of participation to MJM Graphic Design Summer School, will conclude this experience. Once back home, it will be a testimony of your new skills and an essential asset to apply to an art school or universities. Our training consultants will be available to help you define your career plan in the creative sector.

Fee info

EUR 480: - The price includes all courses, workshops and visits.
- Accomodation, food, transports and all other services are not included
EUR 53: Art supply Package - It includes everything you need for Summer School