Croatia, Zagreb

Business Psychology

when 25 June 2018 - 13 July 2018
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 9 EC
fee EUR 1400

A course in business psychology is one of the rare courses in studies of economics and management that will enrich your curriculum with not only interdisciplinary approach to the people issues of markets and organizations, but with strong ecological and psychological validity. The core of business ecosystem is individual in a social context. Whether this individual is consumer, employee, or a manager, regularities and phenomena that shape their behavior are major concerns covered in this course. To know what triggers behavior is to be able to shape it and influence it. This course is about applying social psychology in consumer and organizational behavior.

Course leader

-Andrijana Mušura Gabor joined Zagreb School of Economics and Management in 2004 right after receiving her Master’s degree in psychology (social psychology). In 2013 she received her PhD degree in the field of economic psychology and decision making.

Target group

This course is recommended for undergraduate students.

Course aim

Besides encompassing theoretical background to help you better understand and
frame issues at hand, topics will give insights into questions such as:

- how do people perceive and think about the world and others around them
- what are basic motivations of personal construals and schemas
- how do people interpret their own and other people's behavior
- what about the self, limits of intuition and emotional intelligence
- how do people think, are they rational or biased or just susceptible to noise
- what are attitudes, how they relate to people's behavior, can persuasion change them
- how can we predict behavior by measuring attitudes and intentions
- why do people conform to others, comply to requests, obey authority
- what group processes exist in group work and group decision making
- what types of conflict exist and how to successfully negotiate
- is leadership contextually or personally determined
- what are prejudice and discrimination, how they affect business; diversity management

Credits info

9 EC
- 6 ECTS for International Finance
- 3 ECTS for Croatian Studies*

*for more information on courses please visit ZSEM's official web site.

Fee info

EUR 1400: Regular fee*
One additional course from the course list can be taken but students need to be aware that the program will become very intense and time-consuming. In case they do decide to take additional course they can earn up to 15 ECTS credits.

*for more information please visit ZSEM's official web site.
EUR 999: Early bird fee*

*for more information please visit ZSEM's official web site.