Hamburg, Germany

Summer School in Digitalization

when 23 July 2018 - 3 August 2018
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 980

Digitalization is a major trend in virtually all industries today. It is considered a driving force of disruption that challenges existing product concepts, processes and business models for incumbents and empowers start-ups to create new disruptive value propositions. Many firms struggle to understand the implications for their existing business and to identify new business opportunities opened up by digitalization. Especially those firms that were not “born digital” need to undergo far-reaching transition processes that may overturn established job designs and ways of thinking.

For students, it is therefore essential to enter the business world well prepared for digital disruption. New paradigms, theoretical concepts, skills and tools are required. Students having this knowledge at their fingertips are much sought after by firms and can become powerful drivers of innovation and disruptive change.

KLU is uniquely positioned in the university landscape as it brings together deep expertise in theoretical and practical aspects of digitalization from multiple disciplines, ranging from innovation and marketing to supply chain management, leadership, business economics, law, and informatics. Our main objective for the KLU Summer School is to equip students with valuable knowledge and tools from these different disciplinary angles, while always staying focused on digitalization as the overarching business theme.

Course leader

Prof. Dr. Christian Barrot, Prof. Dr. Jan Becker, Prof. Rod Franklin, Prof. Dr. Kai Hoberg, Prof. Dr. Dimka Karastoyanova, Prof. Dr. Catharina Maracke, Prof. Dr. Christina Raasch, Prof. Christian Tröster

Target group

2nd and 3rd year Bachelor students pursuing a degree in the fields of Business Administration, Economics, Business Informatics, or Business Engineering

Course aim

Students will learn key concepts, skills, and tools required to develop and implement innovation in the digitalized business world. On successful completion of this module, the students will be able to:

- grasp important theoretical concepts related to digitalization and apply them to practical case examples
- understand the opportunities created by new technologies for incumbents and start-ups both from an academic and a practical point of view
- understand and apply new tools that are becoming increasingly important for digitalizing businesses
- develop strategies for new business creation and delivery in the face of digitalization
- make reasonable, well-founded management decisions based on data analysis
- communicate effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds

Fee info

EUR 980: 980 Euros (includes teaching material, beverages, lunch and supporting program). For registration until March 20, 2018 we offer a spring rebate of 10%.