Barcelona, Spain

Modeling life

when 9 July 2018 - 13 July 2018
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 150

The goal of this course is to introduce biology students to the mathematical modeling of living processes from a systems perspective. According to this perspective, biological processes emerge from the interaction between different elements, be them genes and proteins in the case of cellular processes; cells in the case of tissues; organs in the case of organisms and organisms in the case of ecosystems. We will learn how to represent these interactions mathematically, how to simulate them in a computer, and how to generate predictions that can be compared with reality.

Course leader

Jordi GarcĂ­a Ojalvo

Fee info

EUR 150: Registration fee for non UPF partner institutions
EUR 550: Tuition fee for 2 ECTS credit course