Exeter, United Kingdom

Contract Law

when 2 July 2024 - 29 July 2024
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee GBP 1750

So much of everyday life is regulated by a contract: for example, buying food, or a train ticket, renting a house, or getting a job. Contract also regulates multi-million pound transactions: for example, building a new airport, or commissioning a container ship, or the corporate take-over of another company. Knowledge of contract law is empowering in helping us to understand these transactions and resolve disputes. It is a central part of the law of the England and Wales, and is prescribed by the governing bodies of the professions (solicitors and barristers) as a foundation subject for a qualifying law degree.
In this module, you will examine how to make a contract, what happens when a contract is broken, and which circumstances enable one of the parties to escape from a contract. The emphasis of this module will be on applying the rules and principles of contract law in context to real-life cases.

The module gives you an overview of: the requirements for the formation of a contract; the different types of obligations under contracts; vitiating factors; and remedies for breach of contract. In particular, the module aims to enable you:
(a) to develop knowledge and understanding of the general principles and traditional approaches of contract law in England and Wales, as well as alternative models and techniques;
(b) to develop independent and practical thinking in this field, and to apply the legal rules and principles you have learned to specific situations;
(c) to identify and to analyse problematic issues within the law of contract; and (d) to gain an analytical and critical approach to contract law and an awareness of social, economic and other issues that can impact on contractual relations, including fairness, inequality of bargaining power and public policy.

Course leader

Dr Charlie King

Target group

Undergraduate students with a GPA of 3.0 or above; postgraduate students with an interest in the subject are also welcome.

Course aim

This module aims to provide you with knowledge and understanding of different aspects of contract law in England and Wales.

Fee info

GBP 1750: Tuition Fees, Registration Fee, On Campus Events, Field Trips
GBP 2000: Accommodation, Airport Transfer, Day Trips, Programme Transport, London Orientation Multi Day Trip


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