Nuoro, Italy

Modelling Sustainable Farming Systems Under Climate Change 2018

when 23 July 2018 - 27 July 2018
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 150

Climate change is threatening agricultural productivity
worldwide while world food demand is steadily increasing.
Such global challenge is framed by UN sustainable
development goals and calls for integrated approaches
and quantitative tools for the risk assessment and the
identication of viable options.
The summer school on “Modelling sustainable farming
systems under climate change” is designed to enhance
the capacities of students to design resilient and
sustainable cropping systems through dierent modelling
approaches at eld and landscape scale. A central
focus of the school is on the application of modelling
tools such as EPIC, APEX and DSSAT to case studies on
climate change risk assessment, and sustainable
intensication through precision agriculture. A special
focus will be given to the management of long term
soil fertility, hydrology, greenhouse gas emission
mitigation and adaptive responses to climatic pressures,
relying on specic case studies, to improve the
participants' ability to critically understand the complex
interactions between biophysical and social processes
that characterize sustainable development in a context
of climate change.
The scientic debate on this topic is of interest at the
scientic community level including the IPCC as it is relevant for the proposed
climate change mitigation policies.

Course leader

Prof. Pier Paolo Roggero

Target group

The School is targeted to graduates, doctoral and
post-doctoral students in environmental disciplines,
agronomy, soil science, applied biology, natural
resource management, landscape planning, environmental
sciences from all over the world. Given the
highly interactive activities planned at the Summer
School, the number of participants is limited to 30.

Course aim

See School Program

Fee info

EUR 150: By June 15, 2018 applicants will be
requested to pay a participation fee of
EUR 150. The fee will be refunded only in
case the school is not activated because
there will not be enough participants or the
applicant exceeds 30 participants.
Applications will be accepted in the order of
arrival. In order to complete the registration,
a copy of the completed bank transfer and a
copy of the ID document in PDF format
must be sent by email to:


All applicants can apply for a