Odense, Denmark

Project Management

online course
when 3 August 2020 - 14 August 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC

Please note that this is an online course.

The purpose of the course is to enable the student to analyze projects and project processes, and as a result, contribute to the accomplishment of the project. The aim is that the student builds up a substantial methodological competence so that he/she understands how he/she is able to promote a good accomplishment by applying appropriate methods and tools and applying appropriate behavior.

The student will obtain insight into the project management discipline and its’ concepts and assumptions, and will be able to independently employ/utilize the knowledge obtained to work out a project mandate with matching analyses and plans, and also to be able to evaluate project descriptions, analyses and plans worked out by other people. Furthermore, the student will be able to independently follow-up on analyses and plans, and in the light of these provide proposals for an appropriate management effort.

The student will attain knowledge about how to guide a process in which more persons are involved in accomplishing the abovementioned activities. Furthermore, the student will be able to employ this knowledge to make suggestions on how activities concerning project planning and following-up can be organized.

The student will attain knowledge on how a person’s behavior related to project management may have a hampering or a promoting effect on the accomplishment of the project, and will be able to independently apply this insight to (1) propose suggestions on his/her own, appropriate behavior in relation to the work on a single projects, and (2) be able to analyze and offer interpretations of the appropriateness of the behavior in project courses, where others are involved.

Competence in project management is in the course understood as a generic competence, which can be applied in all project types and in the private as well as the public sector. The student will, therefore, in principal become able to contribute to management of any project. Examples and cases will be drawn from projects relevant to the participants attending the course.

Course leader

Karsten Lund, klu@iti.sdu.dk

Target group

At least two years of engineering or natural science studies and have an interest in project management.

Course aim

Assess the basis organization and a project organization in a company
Analyze a project and its elements
Make the main plan of a project
Do detail planning and follow-up in Gantt, Network and PMS
Do the budgeting and follow up as a part of project management
Do project risk management
Do successive calculation of the budget and schedule

Fee info

EUR 0: Exchange students from a partner university pay no tuition. Guest students pay tuition fees.

NON-EU student: 8635 DKK per course (1160 Euro)

EU Students: 4250 DKK per course (570 Euro)