Marseille, France

Sports Marketing and Management

when 5 June 2023 - 16 June 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 8 EC
fee EUR 1000

Course 1: Strategic Management for Sports Organisations
Course Format: 3 hrs per day over 2-weeks; from June 5 - 16
This course presents a model for using a resource-based approach to develop strategic event management action plans in a sports business context
"There is no separation between sports and entertainment… merge them together and create something unique ». Robert Johnson (Owner Charlotte Bobcats)"
The main goal of this course is to give a “sensemaking” approach to create, develop and maintain sustainable performance in sports event organizations.
The course content has relevance to students pursuing different career goals in virtually any type of organisation linked to sports or leisure activities with a strong sport dimension.
After a review of "strategic assets identification" (sponsoring, reputation, relational and physical resources and specific dynamic capabilities), various case analyses are discussed in the context of international sports events.

More specifically, by the end of this course students will:
Develop an understanding of the strategic role of marketing in sports business firms and the importance of appropriate decision making
Develop the skills necessary to utilise the course’s tools and frameworks, designed to identify revenue opportunities, and make strategic sports marketing decisions
Develop responsible leadership and strategic skills in the context of the sports marketing businesses

The course consists of lectures, exercises, article discussions, groupwork, presentations and a brand project.

Course 2: Sports Marketing & Communication
Course Format: 3 hrs per day over 2-weeks; from June 5 - 16
This course is designed to provide students with a systematic means to analyse and develop communication and marketing strategies, using concepts and theories from general marketing, and apply them in a sports business context.

With the aim of improving the students’ understanding of strategic and brand management concepts, and thereafter assessing the effectiveness of corresponding communication strategies, the students will work on business plans and models for sports organisations in order to innovate and construct strong commercial brands.

Marketing decisions on brands and the deployment of communication supports will be at the heart of entrepreneurial choices to create sustainable performance for professional sport organisations. Students will use both logic and creativity to arrive at effective solutions.

At the end of this course students will be able to:

Analyse opportunities and alternatives in sports businesses in an open, honest manner
Identify the customer and market segments that they have chosen and to be competitive in the sports business area
Demonstrate causal relationships between the attributes of products and/or services, including their organisational image/ reputation.
Reach conclusions based on demonstrable evidence and analysis

Course leader

Catherine Rossines, Summer Schools developer,, + 33 (0) 491 827 904

Target group

Eligible participants: Highly motivated and open-minded Bachelor or Master level students in good academic standing with a sufficient level of English.

Course aim

Sports Marketing & Management

Course1: Sports Marketing & Communication (June 5 - 16)
This course is designed to provide students with systematic means to analyze and develop marketing strategies using concepts and theories from general marketing and apply them in a sports business context.

Course 2: Strategic Management & Advanced Marketing for Sports Organisations (June 5 - 16)
This course presents a strategic model for sports events using Resource-Based View approach.

Credits info

8 EC
Every course features 30 hours in class, is formally evaluated, carries 5 transferrable ECTS credits, and leads to both a certificate of completion as well as official transcripts

Fee info

EUR 1000: 1000 € for 4 ECTS (1 module) / 10% of discount for 8 ECTS or more - No tuition for applicants nominated by qualifying academic partners. €100 admission fees apply.