Barcelona, Spain

Esade’s Global Governance & Law Experience

when 1 July 2021 - 16 July 2021
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 2850

Students will experience university life first-hand and get a practical introduction to the world of law, politics, international relations, economics and marketing. All this is a multicultural setting with young people from all over the world, under the guidance of renowned faculty members.



o Global Governance & Geopolitics: Key concepts of politics and global geopolitics and how to link these concepts to the news and current events.
o Law Case Simulation: This practical subject will enable you to understand the role played by each party in a trial, to understand how legal institutions work through real-life cases, and to speak publicly in a courtroom setting.
o Economics: You will discover the most common macroeconomic indicators and how they are used to measure the main imbalances that the world’s economies usually face. We will analyse and discuss historical cases from various economies around the world.
o Leadership & Social Skills: Learn the basics of leading teams, an added value in all professional fields.


o UNIT 1 - Choose 1:
 Model United Nations: Experience the United Nations through role-playing. You’ll improve your personal and professional skills – both oral and written – and experience the fun side of diplomacy.
 Legal Deliberative Skills: You will learn to argue effectively in legal debates and strengthen your skills as a speaker: you’ll learn to analyse and investigate technical issues in the political arena, to choose your sources, to build, evaluate and refute arguments, and more.

o UNIT 2 - Choose 1:
 Public Speaking: We will teach you how to speak clearly and persuasively, how to avoid nervousness, and how to structure and organise your speech in a public presentation. This subject will be highly participatory.
 Negotiation: Negotiation skills are vitally important to anyone working in the legal profession or the management world. The general concepts behind the theory of negotiation can also be applied to management in general and to our personal lives.

o Law Firm Workshop & Visit to International Firm (Clifford Chance): The programme includes a workshop where you will experience what it’s like to work in a law firm as well as a visit to a prestigious international law firm.
o Conference Law & Justice: Experience what is like to work in a law firm through a workshop and a visit to a prestigious international law firm.


o Weekend activities: An opportunity to enjoy the city with your classmates, accompanied by a chaperone at all times.
o Debating in English: An interactive subject where students discuss various topics or solve different situations.


Located in Barcelona, Esade offers an outstanding summer experience in a fascinating city full of Mediterranean flair. Barcelona has become a premium study abroad destination thanks to its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the architecture and the beauty of the city itself and its surroundings.
The interested students can stay at The Sarrià University Hall of Residence, located very close to Esade’s Barcelona-Pedralbes campus. Designed specifically for students, this new building features various spaces for work and study, as well as a computer room. If you need to unwind, you can stroll through the gardens or visit the pool and sunroom on the top floor. Residents also enjoy free Access to Can Caralleu, a sports centre located across the street.

Target group

High School students (15 to 18 years old) of any discipline and nationality.

Course aim

The Esade’s Global Governance & Law Experience will give you the opportunity to test your immediate future by attending undergraduate classes. All through a new learning methodology. You will be able to test different fields such as Law, Economics and Geopolitics.

Fee info

EUR 2850: For Barcelona residents: Programme fee €2,850 + optional activities €1,000.

For students from elsewhere in Spain or abroad:
Programme fee €2,850 + room and board €1,000 + activities and support €1,000.

Early-bird discount (until 24th May): €300


Young & Talented Award: At Esade, we want to reward top international pre-university students with scholarships to participate in this unique experience.