Kiev, Ukraine


when 3 August 2014 - 16 August 2014
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 350

The neuroscience stream will provide insight into a broad range of topics, including dynamical principles of visual and auditory systems, rhythm generation, neuromechanics of movement control, neuron-computer interface in dynamic-clamp experiments, and brain computer interfaces. We will use practical examples of applications of modeling and biosignal analysis for functional assessment of movement control mechanisms and sensory system dynamics. This program aims to provide participants with an essential review of the contemporary computational neuroscience field and to give a practical introduction to the principles of analysis and simulation packages.

Course leader

Prof. Péter Érdi (Center for Complex Systems Studies, Department of Physics, Department of Psychology, Kalamazoo College, USA; Budapest Complex Systems and Computational Neuroscience Group, Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics Wigner Research Centre

Target group

Students and young scientists under 35 years old

Course aim

The core of the stream will be dedicated to learning signal analysis and modeling tools. The topic will be introduced for students with different backgrounds, e.g. neuroscience, physiology or engineering, using a combination of lectures and workshops. Students will be encouraged to explore the bottom-up organization of the sensorimotor system using simulations in Matlab, OpenSim, or/and AnimatLab that express neuromechanical computations in decomposed elements that are integrated within these environments to generate a complete behavior. We will also cover linear and nonlinear methods applied to dynamics of single neurons, neuronal networks and musculoskeletal systems with sensory feedback.

Fee info

EUR 350: Price depends on the participants country and date of registration.
Early fee (registration before May 1):
Participants from KPI: 100,00 €
Participants from Ukraine: 180,00 €
Participants from other countries: 350,00 €
Professionals: 500,00 €

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EUR 420: Late fee (registration before June 1):
Participants from KPI: 120,00 €
Participants from Ukraine: 210,00 €
Participants from other countries: 420,00 €
Professionals: 500,00 €

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Summer School is able to grant a limited number of scholarships for participation. These scholarships are not payable in cash and cover only certain part of registration fee. They cover neither transportation nor accommodation and meals expenses.