Prague, Czech Republic

Europe in troubled times: the future of the European geopolitics

when 30 June 2019 - 6 July 2019
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 390

Europe undergoes a period of great geopolitical shifts. With Brexit, Russian influence, a rise of radical
Islamism and secessionist tendencies in many parts of the continent, the study of the European geopolitics
returns back to a foremost prominence. Instability in a neighbouring region also further impacts the nature
of European politics. Understanding of the disintegration tendencies is the key skill that the
contemporary and future policy-makers need to posses in order to navigate through the complex world of
threats and opportunities that these changes in the international system bring. The Geopolitical Summer
School is here to help you with just that.
The Summer school programme is designed to gives participants an opportunity to gain a profound
knowledge of ongoing processes and events shaping and influencing the dynamic geopolitical environment
surrounding Europe with a particular focus on the EU´s position and the role within it. Students will be
introduced to key concepts and theories. Practical exercises will also be employed to enable the students
to apply the knowledge gained to solve problems, which could occur in real-world scenarios.

Course leader

Mgr. Martin Riegl, Ph.D.

Target group

University students enrolled in Bachelor´s, Master’s or PhD´s degree programs in
Geopolitics, Area Studies, Political Science, International Relations and Economics and other relevant
fields., professionals working for International Organisations and government agencies, diplomats, , people
working in various economic sectors, and other interested individuals. There are no age or country limits for
the application

Course aim

a. become familiar with concepts theories of Classic, Realpolitik Geopolitics, NeoClassic Geopolitics. Critical Geopolitics and Russian Geopolitics
b. understand geographic limits and potential of power
c. analyse current geopolitical trends and threats
d. understand the situation in particular region and external players

Fee info

EUR 390: Paid before 15th May
EUR 450: Paid after 15th May