Karlsruhe, Germany

Intercultural Integration

when 3 August 2020 - 14 August 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 600

Cultural Diversity (week 1)
This course introduces you to the most important foundations of the study and research on cultural diversity. From the principal understanding, that diversity is a product of socio-communicative processes, we will find ways to develop the standpoint that diversity is an expression of the relational connections between social identities. On the one hand, diversity is an integrating momentum of life that helps us to develop and socialize in specific societal environments. On the other hand, the perceived cultural diversity within the society or within an organization is a result of our own activities and the way we define our relationships. The deeper understanding of this mechanism sheds light on the potentials of diverse socio-cultural configurations.

Diversity and Sustainable Integration (week 2)
The theories of exclusion and inclusion in recent sociological and cultural research (Luhmann, Rathje, and others) clearly show that discrimination and biases in leadership behavior are strongly linked to ideological imprintings and stereotypical social cognitions. This holds true for the respective phenomena all around cultural diversity as well, where “culture” is sometimes mistaken for “power” or “competence”. The development of socio-cultural sustainable solutions in the context of a diverse society that needs integration will help to overcome the categorical underpinnings with regard to the related conflict. This course will treat some of these phenomena with special attention towards migration and intercultural integration.

Course leader

Prof. Dr. Ella Salome Roininen
Prof. Dr. Fransisco Javier Montiel Alafont

Target group

Students and young professionals

Credits info

6 EC
In order to acquire 3 ECTS points, participants have to participate for the first week and submit an essay.

In order to acquire 6 ECTS points, participants have to participate during both weeks and submit a written assignment of 15-20 pages.

Fee info

EUR 600: Participation fee for the first week only. Fees do not include costs for accommodation and subsistence.
EUR 900: Participation fee for both weeks. Fees do not include costs for accommodation and subsistence.


Students and volunteers receive a discount of €150,- for one week and €250,- for both weeks.