Budapest, Hungary

The East Asian Developmental Systems in Comparison to the Former Socialist Economies

when 8 July 2019 - 26 July 2019
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 550

The course aims to analyse and evaluate a peculiar concept and practice in East Asia, that is the developmental ideology and practice in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. The East Asian “economic miracle” from the 1970s onward can be explained, according to Chalmers Johnson, by this developmental practice, i.e. economic and financial policy, institutions and the ongoing self-corrections of this practice.

Course leader

Dr. Katalin Ferber

Course aim

- Gained knowledge: understanding the East Asian economic development, growth, and cutting edge level of competitiveness. Ability to recognise and evaluate economic and financial goals and their outcomes, including their contradicting elements. Recommended: To everybody who is willing to view the world economy, its dynamic, the false division between the “East” and the “West” willing to understand the world economy, and the hidden problems with globalisation.

- Acquired skills: Critical thinking, recognising the structural and conceptual differences among modernising strategies.

- Gained attitudes: Understanding the East Asian varieties of the policy, “Growth or success” (Laura Hein). The course does not require specific background (and knowledge) on East Asia, neither specialisation on economics and monetary (financial and fiscal) knowledge. Rather, it requires vivid curiosity, ability to think critically, and evaluate with solid knowledge which this course offers. Looking forward to meeting you and to discovering an exciting body of knowledge.

Fee info

EUR 550: Please note that every student who is coming from a partner institution of Corvinus University will receive a 50 euro discount which is not calculated in the table below.

Early-bird registration (until 28th of April)

EUR 550

Final registration (until the 26th of May)

EUR 600

Two 6-credit courses with Early-bird registration (save 200 €)
(1 morning and 1 afternoon course)
EUR 1000

Two 6-credit courses (save 100 €)
(1 morning and 1 afternoon course)

EUR 1100

Social and cultural activities package:

EUR 190