Kristiansand, Norway

European Integration Summer School

when 25 June 2019 - 2 August 2019
language Norwegian
duration 6 weeks
credits 10 EC

Each course carries 10 ECTS:

- History, Institutions and Policies of European Integration ST-419 (summer, campusbased)
- Current Issues in the European Union ST-420 (summer, campusbased)
- EU Studies: Research Essay ST-421 (fall, webbased)

You may take only one, two or all three of the courses above. But be aware that a precondition for taking ST-421 is minimum one of the following courses: ST-419 and ST-420. ST-419 runs from June 25 to July 12 and ST-420 runs from July 16 to August 2.

Course leader

Prof Stefan Gänzle

Target group

You need to have completed a bachelors degree, or equivalent, of 180 ECTS within the social sciences in order to be qualified. Examples of relevant fields are political science, sociology, international relations, public administration, business administration etc.

Course aim

Drawing on sound methodological and interdisciplinary approaches, the European Integration Summer School (EISS) will allow you to:

- deepen your knowledge on a wide range of issues pertaining to European integration
- add an international dimension to your specific field of training (e.g. in law, public administration or economics)
- engage with top scholars and experts in a very personal way

The 2019 EISS guest faculty includes, amongst others, Steven Blockmans
(CEPS/University of Amsterdam) Simona Piattoni (University of Trento),
Mark Pollack (Temple University), Claudio M. Radaelli (University College
London), and Frank Schimmelfennig (ETH Zürich)

Credits info

10 EC
Each course gives 10 credits.

Fee info

EUR 0: No tuition fees