Budapest, Hungary

Big Money in Politics

when 14 August 2019 - 19 August 2019
language English
duration 1 week

The goal of this section of the 2019 Central European Conference is to gain a deep understanding how politics and business interests relate each other in a brand-new technological environment. The key question of this conference section is whether money, power and data are convertible.
During our summer course participants will discuss this mechanism in a holistic manner as well as getting an insight into the most interesting recent cases of post-modern campaigns.

Course leader

Section organizers

Áron Szászi
Central European University

Lívia Kósa
Central European University

Target group

We are waiting for the application of BA or MA students, studying in the fields of social sciences, business or economics from all European universities. We also have some places for those who graduated in the recent years.
How could you participate? For our requirements, visit our website.

Course aim

During the four day long intensive professional part of the conference you will study:

Day 1-Theoretical background, everyday folks and politics

Theories of modernity and post-modernity: converging and diverging spheres of society
Democratic theory: questions of representativeness regarding media and business interests in politics
Citizens’ personal relationships with politics

Day 2-Media and politics

Media structure changes around the world, tabloidization of politics, (re)emergence of partisan media, questions of public broadcasters
Political campaigning and professional advisors
Media conglomerates’ role in modern politics

Day 3-Technology and politics

Social media in politics: crowdfunding,
The role of Big Data in political campaigns
Shared class with the Cyber security section: cases of Cambridge Analytica, Russian meddling into democratic elections

Day 4-Money and politics

Regulation of lobbying in the US and Europe
Rent-seeking economies, corruption and political decision-making
Civil initiatives to clear politics
Overview: The convertibility of money, power and politics + presentation of cases and/or research plans

Fee info

EUR 0: Tier 1: 220 €; Tier 2: 200€; Tier 3: 180 €
The price of the conference is differentiated according to the Erasmus scholarship country categorization.
Tier 1: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
Tier 2: Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey
Tier 3: Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, FYR of Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia