Bilbao, Spain

Design Future-Oriented Programmes: ensure relevance, recognition and quality

when 1 July 2019 - 4 July 2019
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1 EC

Design future-oriented programmes: ensure relevance, recognition and quality.

Do you want your graduates to be both global citizens and professionals?
Do you need to “update” your existing programme to make it more relevant?
Are you seeking international recognition of your degrees?
Do you want those teaching on the programme to embrace internationalization of curriculum?
Do you want academics to start working as a team and collectively strive for continuous quality improvement?

Target group

The size of the group is limited to 25 academics

Course aim

You will engage in a series of programme design activities, which will focus your attention on questions of relevance, recognition and quality

You will be motivated to embrace change and new roles

Give you tools to become protagonist of future-oriented programme design and implementation process.

This hands-on training week will permit its participants to become a team working collaboratively towards common goals – towards ensuring your future students can have the best educational
experience possible.

Credits info

1 EC
It is based on principles of collaboration and exchange of good practices among colleagues, where participants build their learning from their experience and interaction in the course. This implies that most of the time, activities are done individually, in pairs and in small groups so that the participants integrate their learning from the work done in the course.
Most of the evaluation of the course work is formative and done by the participants.

Fee info

EUR 0: Total Fee: 900 €
Discounts: from 585 €