Prishtina, Kosovo

Pristina International Summer University 2019

when 16 April 2019 - 6 May 2019
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 100


Date/Venue: 8-19 July 2019, Prishtina, Kosovo
Fee for International students: 100€ (including accommodation, meals)
Deadline: 6th of May 2019

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The University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” will organize the 19th edition of Prishtina International Summer University, which will be held from 8-19 July 2019. PISU will be offering seventeen ECTS credited courses covering a wide range of study fields. All courses will be held only in English. After the successful fulfillment of the course, the participants will get certificates according to the European System for Transferring the Credits (ECTS). In addition, a recreational program will be offered to the students and personnel, including different excursions and events from the cultural life. Information for the forums and events will be published widely at the University of Prishtina during the Summer Courses.

The 19th Edition of the PISU is open to all students and will help all participants to gain from new methods of lecturing and research as well as enjoying the international atmosphere. As set by the traditional program itself, this year's program also bring together regional & international professors and lecturers for a period of two weeks and provide the opportunity for local and international students to learn and share their experiences.

Course leader

University of Prishtina

Target group

Students around the world from all disciplines and fields of studies

Course aim

Summer school aims are:

1. To provide an opportunity for students to attend specific courses that are not part of the curriculum and that fulfill the additional knowledge in their respective field;
2. To provide an opportunity for students to get extra credits toward graduation;
3. To develop students’ academic performances by the best local and international lecturers;

Participants/students, who attend at least 80% of classes and pass exams, will receive ECTS credits through "The Certificate of Prishtina International Summer University". This certificate includes the description of the course, student ECTS credits, and grades.
The certificate declares the name of the participants and will be signed by the visiting professor of PISU and the co-professor. Certificates are designed according to the Bologna standards.

* English will be the language of communication in all courses at the Prishtina International Summer University.

Credits info

4 EC
The following recreational activities are planned to be held during the edition of 2019 that are included in the fee:

• Weekend excursions (2)
• An opening and closing dinner for the academic staff, UP and PISU officials
• An opening and closing party for students of PISU 2016
• Student Evening
• Football/Volleyball tournament
• Other recreational activities

Fee info

EUR 100: Fee for International students: 100€ (including accommodation, meals, recreational activities)

Students from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia will be considered for a scholarship.