London, United Kingdom

Business, Enterprise and Finance Course

when 28 June 2020 - 16 August 2020
language English
duration 7 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee GBP 2150

The Business, Finance and Enterprise course provides students with a deeper understanding of the career options and key skills required to be a business leader of the future. Students receive teaching sessions from a range of experienced business professionals including Managing Directors, CEOs, Marketing and Branding Managers, Stockbrokers, Finance Directors, and Investors.

Students are given a new business concept that they need to bring to life over the week. This involves workshops from industry leaders in Business Planning, Marketing, Branding, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Investment who will be able to give advice and guidance as they take their business idea from concept to market. A practical course that delivers real insight into the world of business.

Course leader

UK Business Leaders and UK Business and Finance Students.

Target group

Students aged 16+ who are considering studying business at university, would like to work in the business or financial sectors, or would like to run their own business. We accept students of any nationality.

Course aim

Gain insight into how global brands are created

Understand how to create a strong business plan

Gain an understanding of the marketing mix and the importance of these for all businesses

Understand the importance of social media within the modern marketing mix

Gain an insight into the stock markets and how they impact businesses

Experience pitching to our own ‘Dragons Den’ style panel

Gain insight in the global financial markets and how they work on a macro and micro level

Gain an understanding of the challenges involved in starting and running a business

Fee info

GBP 2150: Fee includes, full course, accommodation, meals and activities.
EUR 2250: Fee includes, full course, accommodation, meals and activities.


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