Barcelona, Spain

Advanced Creativity: Disruption and Originality

when 19 July 2021 - 23 July 2021
language Spanish
duration 1 week
fee EUR 520

Learn to think and design differently to create disruptive and original solutions in creativity and innovation.

The word "creativity" has become a hyper-concept, a somewhat diffuse and ethereal concept, and also naïve or too generic. An idea has become the mere act of writing something on a post-it or the result of an inspiration source detected on the internet. Meanwhile, in an era characterized by uncertainty, speed, the vertigo of not knowing what is going to happen and the acceleration of digitalization makes the proposed currents increasingly fleeting, making the search for creative ideas more and more necessary. But in many cases we are still disconnected from this source of human energy, then replication, copying and adaptation cause this human value to stagnate.

Course leader

Marc Segarra

Consultant and trainer in creativity and innovation. He has worked as an external consultant in Mango, as a Customer Experience in HP and creative trainer in Bombay Sapphire, among many other roles.

Target group

For people who need originality and disruption at this point of their life.

For people who see in the generation of ideas a motto that adds value.

For students who want to acquire a new way of thinking to have more vision.

For professionals (entrepreneurs, traders, journalists, communicators, researchers, marketing professionals, social sciences, architects, designers.)

For restless minds that want to nurture their intellect and satiate their desire to learn.

For those who like to imagine and enjoy the power of the human generation.

Fee info

EUR 520: 520€