Copenhagen, Denmark

Economics of Misbehavior

when 10 August 2020 - 29 August 2020
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee DKK 2625

Economics can help us to find the reasons behind of a series of (mis)behaviors such as why people engage in unprotected sex; why people lie, cheat and steal; why names affect the chance of being hired or rent an apartment; why people pollute the environment and waste natural resources; why people engage in risky health behavior such as smoking and drinking; and why people regret (but not change) their poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Misbehavior -behavior that people consider inappropriate- has not only negative consequences for the individuals but also have huge costs for our society and can cause hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths.

In this course students will explore how economics can shed light on the darkest places of human behavior, learn how to use the economics tools (economic theory, empirical analysis and experimentation) to analyze misbehavior and investigate its deep causes and consequences.

Target group

Master students

Course aim


- Identify which tool is appropriate for studying a given behavior and its consequences.
- Reflect on the origins of specific (mis)behaviors and their causes.
- Account for the most relevant drivers of human behavior.


- Analyze cases using the proper economic theories, methods and tools.
- Discuss real-world problems and policy questions and connect them with the relevant economic literature.


- Plan and carry out an individual analysis of issues, causes and consequences.
- Select and develop appropriate analytical frameworks and suggest policy recommendations.
- Debate and write about economic ideas and policies effectively.

Fee info

DKK 2625: The prize for Danish citizens, EU/EEA-citizens and foreign nationals holding, as a minimum, a temporary stay permit granted for permanent stay
EUR 1275: The prize for all non-EU/EEA citizens without the residence permit mentioned in Fee1- description