Madrid, Spain

Artificial Intelligence

when 22 July 2024 - 26 July 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 350

This two-part course provides an introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a kind of intelligence that enables machines to emulate intelligent behavior or to do things that people mostly do better. AI technologies have an important impact on our daily activities in business, as individuals, and as a society. During this course, apart from learning about AI fundamentals and applications, you will use specific techniques about different areas of AI such as knowledge representation and machine learning. Deep learning, a cutting-edge subset of artificial intelligence, is increasingly pivotal in driving technological and scientific advancements across various sectors. This course addressing the fundamentals of deep learning is thoughtfully designed to guide students through the core concepts and applications of this transformative technology. It begins with an introductory module that lays a solid foundation in the basics of deep learning and artificial neural networks. The course then progresses into the practical realms of computer vision, demonstrating how deep learning techniques are revolutionizing image analysis and interpretation. In the natural language processing (NLP) module, students will explore the ways deep learning is used for understanding and generating human language, a critical aspect of AI's interaction with people in products such as ChatGPT. The course also includes a focus on network analysis, where the course delves into graph neural networks and their role in predicting complex network dynamics. Each theoretical component is complemented by hands-on activities, ensuring a balanced approach that combines conceptual knowledge with practical skills, fostering both understanding and application in this rapidly evolving field.

Course leader

María Poveda & Víctor Rodríguez

Target group

Undergraduate students

Course aim

Provide students with insights into trending technology applications

Fee info

EUR 350: Course tuition fee


Students who register before 29 February will be charged a discounted rate of 315 euros.