Salzburg, Austria

What Makes a World? - A Horizon

when 17 August 2020 - 29 August 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 720

This course is part of the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts's 2020 programme.

Course leader

Nadira Husain

Target group

open to anyone interested in fine arts

Course aim

“What makes a world?” asked Philosopher Catherine Malabou to her students. In turn, her own answer to this question was: “A horizon”. We would like to take this anecdote, the question and it’s answer, as a starting point for our painting class.

Paintings function as small ‘worlds’ where multitudes of information and affect gather and interact. The perspective of the artist meets the gaze of the viewer and echoes the context of his/her/their historical time and locality, as well as the art history he/she/they relate to. Paintings, therefore, inherently stand in relationship to their surroundings and their time, and aim to create links.

Whilst continuing to develop your ‘own worlds’, we would like to address topics such as the gaze; context; networks; community; influences; as well as what we would call ‘expanded painting’: by which we mean an engagement in painting that goes beyond a classical understanding.

The class will run as a studio in which everyone is invited to develop and deepen their own working processes. Your individual practice will be enriched through a range of inputs, from readings and presentations, to excursions in the city and in the nature. During the two-week course we would aim to develop a culture of exchange and discussion to accompany your experience in the studio. We will encourage the collective presentation of your works, as well as regular group feedback sessions. Furthermore, we will be available for one-to-one consultations and will provide individual technical support.

Fee info

EUR 720: regular fee
EUR 560: reduced fee for students


Grant applications can be sent before 1 April.