Ljubljana, Slovenia

Digital and Social Media Marketing

when 3 July 2023 - 21 July 2023
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 7 EC
fee EUR 650

The course builds on traditional marketing courses and discusses digital strategies and tactics from a brand perspective. Besides a more general overview of the digital marketing and social media phenomena, the course will focus on topics which are critical in leveraging the power of social media, such are: content management, social media presence development, native advertising and storytelling. It will be discussed how power has been shifted from brands to consumers, how to engage consumers through social media, and what is the interplay between social media and other digital marketing activities.

Course leader

Vatroslav Škare, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, Croatia

Target group

Master students as well as recent graduates and young professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge in specific areas

Course aim

The main aim of the course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how digital technologies and the rise of social media are changing marketing strategies and tactics across different industries. This includes learning about marketing concepts
that are relevant in the digital environment, analyzing best practice examples, and developing skills for creating, delivering and communicating value by using digital marketing tools and social media platforms. Additional aims of the course include providing students with insights into current digital marketing and social media trends, and teaching them how to combine digital and non-digital marketing tactics.
Students who take this course will be able to:
1. Assess the marketing potential of digital technologies and social media platforms for a particular real-life marketing challenge;
2. Understand specifics of consumer behavior in digital environment;
3. Propose a digital and social media marketing strategy for a given firm’s/brand’s positioning;
4. Choose relevant digital and social media platforms;
5. Propose digital marketing tactics to achieve marketing objectives.

Credits info

7 EC
Participants can receive the following certificates:

- Certificate of Attendance: awarded after the summer school to all participants who have completed the three-week programme.
- Transcript of Records (with credits and grades): awarded only to participants who complete all course requirements and pass the final examination.

Fee info

EUR 650: You can find more information on our website.



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