Antwerp, Belgium

English for Academic Purposes

when 26 August 2024 - 6 September 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 765

Participants learn to write correct, transparent papers by focusing on paper structure, relevant grammar and academic vocabulary. In addition, they explore typical presentation phrases and techniques that make their presentations more effective and professional.

Course leader

Zoë Teuwen

Target group

The English for Academic Purposes summer school is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students who would like to improve their use of academic written and spoken English and remedy their individual language problems. As the course focuses on improving participants’ academic writing and speaking skills in English, basic general guidelines on writing a paper will not be provided. Consequently, participants must have completed at least two full years of higher education and have experience of writing papers (in their mother tongue or in any other language) and thus be familiar with the layout and design of an academic paper or essay.

As the course focuses on specific language aspects related to academic English (rather than improving general English language use), participants must have a minimum English proficiency level of B2 (Common European Framework of Reference).

Course aim

The summer school is a combination of two modules: Academic Writing and Academic Speaking. The main objective is to improve participants’ academic English speaking and writing skills by giving them the tools to remedy their individual problems.

In the Academic Writing module, participants are taught how to write correct and transparent papers in English. Besides describing the build-up of a good paper, the course improves participants' use of English by focusing on typical grammatical problems and the use of academic vocabulary and structures. Furthermore, participants receive individual feedback on a number of written assignments, which raises their awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses.

The Academic Speaking module teaches relevant techniques, vocabulary, phrases and grammar so that participants’ English presentations will become more correct, effective and professional. Participants will learn by doing, namely by giving a number of short presentations. Individual feedback and error analyses allow participants to focus on their own particular problems. At the end of the course, the participants will feel more confident when giving presentations in English. The techniques and phrases learnt will also be useful when speaking English during oral exams or when formulating complex answers to questions raised in class, at meetings, conferences, etc.

Credits info

3 EC
For both course components (Writing and Speaking) participants will be given a final assignment in which they must apply the skills they have learnt. The final assessments will be marked and the scores will be printed on the certificates.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive 3 ECTS credits. This will be stated on the certificates.​

Fee info

EUR 765: Fee includes course material, coffee breaks, social activities and farewell dinner. It does not include lunch, travel arrangements or accommodation.