Abruzzo, Italy

A Four Seasons' Art, Literature, Nature and Crafts Course

blended course
when 2 April 2021 - 30 December 2021
language English
duration 39 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee EUR 1200

Literature, Nature and Sustainability

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The programme will include:
Parco Letterario-Italian Language and literature - courses inspired by Gabriele D'Annunzio and Edward Lear (Both occasional residents of Anversa degli Abruzzi),
The literary icons of Anversa degli Abruzzi

Painting workshops - following M. Escher's steps - Castrovalva model.

• Ceramic Artisan Labs and workshops
• Gole del Sagittario - WWF Nature Reserve Research Cerntre
Trekking for ambers and horse riding experiences -Photography and Nature Watching
- Sustainable development and wildlife courses and research projects; Reflection and spirituality at the Hermitage of St. Dominic on the Lake.

• Tours and visit of the Lago di Scanno - The lake of the Heart - A Water Romantic Learning Experience
• The National Park of the Majella - the Park of the wolf, the bear, the soul, the abbeys, the dry-stone huts and the
wonderful old town centres and mountain hamlets of the Municipalities which belong to the Park territory like Anversa
degli Abruzzi.

Course leader

Annika Patregnani and a group of national/international experts.

Target group

High School/College Students; Undergraduate and Postgraduate students; researchers and lifelong learning community.

Course aim

To rejuvenate culturally and educationally at all levels - from high school to lifelong learners using 0 km expertise and natural surroundings.

Credits info

10 EC
Full academic, professional and lifelong learning certificates, and language diplomas.

Fee info

EUR 1200: Full board and lodging, tailor-made courses, certification and leisure activities for a 2 week period - undergraduate and high school students
EUR 1500: Full board and lodging, tailor-made courses, certification and leisure activities for a 2 week period - graduate and lifelong learners.


Scholarships are available for groups over 15 participants and for individual attendees on presentation of reference letters.