Oslo, Norway

Peace Research

when 26 June 2023 - 4 August 2023
language English
duration 6 weeks
credits 15 EC

The course provides a general introduction to this interdisciplinary field with an empirical focus. This is combined with more detailed study of selected areas and themes. Major topics are conflict resolution, causes of armed conflicts, issues of gender, identity and human rights, humanitarian intervention, peacekeeping and peacebuilding efforts. The conflict resolution segment utilizes interactive techniques in group work, as well as lectures on specific peace processes and negotiations, and also the ethical dilemmas of attempting to intervene in conflicts.

The content varies from year to year according to current conflict areas and/or the special expertise of the course leader(s).

Target group

Applicants with a completed Bachelor’s degree or a period of study comparable with a Norwegian Bachelor's degree from a recognised institution. Applicants should have a related degree in social sciences, humanities, law and/or peace an conflict studies studies.

Course aim

Peace Research aims at understanding conflict in order to help resolve it. To provide insight into and make students aware of the major conceptual and methodological issues within the discipline.

Fee info

NOK 0: Due to the fluid situation regarding the Coronavirus, all Master's courses will be offered as digital courses, at no cost (students must buy course books themselves).