St.Petersburg, Russia

City Branding

blended course
when 5 July 2021 - 16 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 295

Course description:

1. Territorial marketing: environment, subjects and objects (1 ECTS)

2. Territorial brand: architecture and attributes (1 ECTS)

3. Territorial branding: Russian and foreign experience (1 ECTS)

4. Branding as a synthetic means of communication in the territorial marketing–mix (1 ECTS)

The course “City Branding” is designed to provide students with practical introduction to such a topical phenomenon as branding of areas, cities and regions. The course covers a comprehensive and integrated review of existing projects in city, urban, regional and global branding; branding of tourist destinations in different countries of the world. The emphasis is put on Russian experience. Within the module you will gain the knowledge about Russian culture, traditions and identity. You will get the closer look at Saint Petersburg in the context of Russian culture, examine the best practices in territorial branding implementations.

The training course will be held in the format of scientific-practical discourse as close as possible to the realities of today’s international competition. Lectures, seminars and business games are to cover the most important and challenging issues of city branding in different regions. During academic studies you will explore the architecture and attributes of the territorial brands, get acquainted with the main tools, approaches and strategies of regional branding, urban environment and the stages of territorial brands development and rebranding. And thematic virtual excursions and academic sessions will colour up the routine and make this study efficient and unforgettable.

Deadline for registration:

Online format: June 21, 2021

Hybrid format:

- for EU- or visa-free countries nationals: June 07, 2021

- for non-EU nationals: May 03, 2021

Cultural program:

Online format:*

- Online Pub Quiz;
- Online Interactive Tour to SPbPU Museum;
- Online broadcasting of excursion to the Hermitage museum;

Cultural program in the Hybrid format is discussed with participants individually.

*All of the listed above activities are planned to take place but in case any of those will have to be cancelled, an alternative event will be offered to participants.

In addition, there is a cultural and academic trip to Novgorod the Great included in the program. Novgorod is one of the most ancient cities of Russia, the cradle of Russian republican and democratic traditions. It will be held in both online and on-site programs.

For the Online format (included in the tuition fee):

The cultural and academic trip to Novgorod will be held in virtual mode.

The live virtual trip includes:

Virtual interactive program "Legends of the Yaroslav's Court"
Academic session: "" Coordination and marketing center of the region: experience of the “Red Hut” in creating the city brand “Veliky Novgorod - Homeland of Russia".
For the Hybrid format (field trip with transportation to Novgorod is paid extra):

The educational and entertaining full-day field trip to Novgorod the Great includes:

interactive program "Legends of the Yaroslav's Court"
demonstration of technologies of cultural objects renovation;
Academic session: "" Coordination and marketing center of the region: experience of the “Red Hut” in creating the city brand “Veliky Novgorod - Homeland of Russia".


Provided only for the Hybrid or the Tailor-made formats:

- on campus at the university dormitory
- off-campus at partner hostels in the city center

Details of the options and booking procedures will be discussed with each applicant individually.

Course leader

Professors and lecturers:

- PhD Nelli Kozlova, Associate professor
- PhD Elena Korchagina, Professor
- PhD Natalya Pletneva, Associate professor
- Phd Ksenia Kuzmina, Associate professor

Target group

Entrance requirements:

- Good command of English. All classes and extracurricular activities are carried out in English.
- Knowledge of the Russian language is not required.
- Applicants are expected to have at least 1 year of University level studies. ;

Fee info

EUR 295: Online format: 295 Euro

Hybrid format: 295 Euro + 4000 Rub (non-refundable registration fee for the Letter of Invition)

Participation fee includes tuition fee, study materials, field trips and cultural program.

Upon successful completion of the course students will receive hard copies of certificates with ECTS credits (mailed by post in case of the online format of the Summer School).


- If you take 2 programs in one season you get a 10% discount per each course;
- If you take 3 or more programs in one season you get a 15% discount per each course;
- If you are an alumni of any previous course in the last 5 years you get a 10% discount for any summer program;
- If you are an SPbPU student you get a 20% discount for any summer course;
- If you are a student of any other Russian university you get a 15% discount for any summer program.

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