Tallinn, Estonia

Introduction to Estonia and Finno-Ugric Cultures and Nations

when 13 July 2022 - 27 July 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 1 EC
fee EUR 100

As Estonia is one of the Uralic nations, it is the best place to get to know Finno-Ugric cultures! A 6-lecture series on Finno-Ugric Studies provides an overview of the Finno-Ugric nations’ history, culture, and modern developments.

Course leader

Anna Kuznetsova and David Edwards

Target group

The course is open to everyone interested in the topic.

Course aim

The topics covered by the course include not only the history of the Uralic peoples, but also contemporary politics, modern forms of cooperation, and cultural trends. We will have a chance to meet the basics of some Finno-Ugric languages and talk to representatives of some organizations working with Finno-Ugric issues (for example, NPO Fenno-Ugria, NGO Komi Cultural Society).

Credits info

1 EC
Students will be awarded 1 ECTS for full participation and satisfactory completion of a 2000 word written assignment.

Fee info

EUR 100: Accommodation and meals are not included.