Barcelona, Spain

Editorial Design

when 19 July 2021 - 23 July 2021
language Spanish
duration 1 week
fee EUR 520

We live in a world that is increasingly surrounded by media –the news, the content we share with our loved ones, advertising… they all take place in a mostly digital environment, that's an undeniable fact. In this context, it's not uncommon to hear that printed publications have fallen out of use, and that their lack of immediacy and use of material resources have made them obsolete.

Contrary to this statement, physical publications continue to be of absolute relevance. The abundance of digital media has forced us to ask ourselves which contents belong in print, and which should be published online –as a result, part of the process of editing and publishing is to optimize the available resources in order to find the appropriate space for each type of content. Nowadays, the printed publication is employed in cases where the content can benefit from its inherent qualities: permanence, independence from energy sources, and materiality –with all its peculiarities. The net is the perfect space to share data and provide up-to-the-minute information. The printed publication? It's the place where stories are told at their best.

Course leader

Pol Pérez

Target group

Graphic designers, regardless of their specialty –even though the project is unambiguously editorial and printed, the project's mind- and skillset can be applied to any area of communications design. Editorial / publishing professionals. Photographers. Illustrators. Visual artists. Any type of professional seeking to experiment in the field of design, storytelling and publishing.

Fee info

EUR 520: 520€