Barcelona, Spain

TypeJuly - Mark van Wageningen (Novo Typo)

when 28 June 2021 - 2 July 2021
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 625

Why do type designers traditionally think in black and white? The world is colorful, the web is colorful, Hollywood does not produce any black-and-white movies anymore... Only type designers continue to think in these restrictive terms. Why?

Typographers today are living in the Golden Age of design. Let us open up our imagination and add some color in our letters. Readability and legibility are highly overrated approaches in modern typographic communication. Join us for a workshop of construction and deconstruction of the basic shapes of letters.

Course leader

Mark van Wageningen

Target group

Students MA/BA Type design, Typography, Graphic Design, Editorial design.

Course aim

This workshop invites you to reconsider this traditional black and white approach in typographic design. ‘Less-Is-More’ modernism has become a hollow phrase which illustrates a conservative approach to typographic design. This workshop will start with deconstructing the basic shapes of a character and will end with the transformation from a static to a dynamic form. However, everything we will make will be in Full Color. Color is the new Bold!

Fee info

EUR 625: If you register for more than one workshop, the price from the second onwards is € 530.