Oxford, United Kingdom

OUBEP - Markets and the Globalised Economy

online course
when 1 June 2021 - 24 September 2021
language English
duration 17 weeks
fee GBP 1950

From understanding the laws of supply and demand in shaping prices and quantities on global markets, to learning about the roles of central banks and governments for leading economies out of recessions, this programme is designed to equip you with the essential economic knowledge to grasp the workings of modern economies.

Through a series of current applications, you will explore fundamental economic principles driving key issues of our time: the prevalence of inequality and its implications for individuals and entire economies, the reasons for and the consequences of quantitative easing or the importance of startups and young businesses for innovation and growth.

Taught through a combination of online lectures and live, small syndicate group discussions, this course provides you with unique access to the world-class researchers at the Economics Department of the University of Oxford. Come and join our community, learn the fundamentals of Economics from our experienced academics and community of business leaders.

Course leader

Petr Sedlacek, Abi Adams-Prassl, Alex Teytelboym and Andrea Ferrero

Target group

This course is designed for leaders and managers at all levels who want to acquire a foundation in economics to inform and create impactful strategies in order to better respond to current challenges.

Course aim

Markets and their failures

Do minimum wages increase unemployment?
The economics of vaccines
What can economics tell us about saving the planet?
Market power and competition

Where else can you buy this?
Understanding market power
What economics of information tells us about investment
Bidding in an auction? How to stay ahead with game theory

Recessions and how to fight them
One crisis after the next
How do central banks deal with crisis?
Will the Biden plan cause inflation?

Growth and Innovation
Will covid leave a permanent economic scar?
Where has all the growth gone?
Entrepreneurship, jobs and innovation

Fee info

GBP 1950: Our introductory price of £1950 per
person includes:

Introduction into economic theory and its applications
Oxford-style learning experience with world-class experts
All course material, exercises and extra reading
Graduation ceremony and dinner in Oxford Certificate of completion