Brussels, Belgium

Old Skool Testing

online course
when 6 July 2021 - 6 July 2021
language English

Testing is more than just executing random tests on a developed system in an attempt to break it. Testing consists of an entire process and its goal is to measure whether the system is of sufficient quality. Since the first computer bug was detected in 1947, people have been testing computer and software systems. Different approaches to software development have arisen and testing had to adapt to fit each of these software development life cycle models. In this session you will learn about the testing process that fits the more old skool software development models. What are the different steps in this process? Which work products are needed and created during these steps? Who is responsible for each task? What are best practices but also what are pitfalls and tips & tricks?

Course leader

Michaƫl Pilaeten & Wim Decoutere

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EUR 0: Free for students when registeriing with their official student e-mail address