Brussels, Belgium

Great Test Cases

online course
when 13 July 2021 - 13 July 2021
language English

Testers don't just randomly execute things that seems appropriate to them.They work in a structured way to derive test cases from their sources of information, making sure that the required level of coverage is achieved. There are a lot of different techniques, each with a specific purpose, application area and dificulty. In this session an overview will be given of these techniques, looking at their practical usability.Even if you are familiar with lots of test techniques, you can still discover new techniques or rediscover techniques that you've forgotten. You will learn which technique is most suitable for each objective and kind of requirements. The application of these techniques will not be elaborated as it recommanded to learn them by doing, which is not feasible in a short session.

Course leader

Michaƫl Pilaeten & Wim Decoutere

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EUR 0: Free for students when registeriing with their official student e-mail address