Belfast, United Kingdom

Food Sustainable Aquaculture

online course
when 20 August 2021 - 10 September 2021
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 250

Aquaculture is an important source of aquatic food and sector for food security as many wild fisheries around the globe are over exploited or reaching their maximum sustainable potential. As a result, aquaculture has become one of the world’s largest growing food production technologies. Algal biomass production is a rapidly growing field with huge opportunities for entrepreneur’s in food production and nutraceuticals. Whilst, shellfish and finfish cultivation and fish feed production present further opportunities. In order to maximise these worldwide opportunities; knowledge of related technology and its application is vital.

The Sustainable Aquaculture summer school provides participants with an overview of aquaculture production in Europe; outlines the current barriers and facilitators to production; showcases the worldwide opportunities; supports participants in creating innovate solutions which increase the productivity and profitability of the aquaculture sector; and introduces participants to key stakeholders in the aquaculture and agri-food sector.

The Summer School will include a mixture of online learning materials, guest speakers and activities related to food security and sustainable aquaculture production.

Course leader

Queens University of Belfast in collaboration with University of Cambridge, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Matis in Iceland and the Polish Academy of Sciences

Target group

Undergraduate students. Masters Students. Post graduate Students. Young Professionals. Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Course aim

The Sustainable Aquaculture summer school will provide a dynamic and supportive environment for participants to explore sustainable aquaculture, develop their entrepreneurial mindset and learn how to transform your ideas into business propositions.

Fee info

EUR 250: A small portion of the total cost of the program is charged as a participation fee. Course fees for 2021-entry will be EUR 250.