Leeds, United Kingdom

The Norman Conquest

when 2 July 2022 - 16 July 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee GBP 1820

The Norman Conquest of 1066 is one of the most memorable events in English history. In a single battle, the Norman forces defeated the English elite, including their king, Harold. Duke William of Normandy led the Norman forces and the battle lasted most of a day (14 October 1066). After a swift campaign in south-eastern England William persuaded the city of London and the English leaders to submit to him. Soon after this, he was crowned king on Christmas Day 1066.

The events of 1066 have long provoked debates among historians. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the debate has been between two main groups. First, those who stressed English continuity. They propose more limited social changes after the Conquest. Second, those who argue for complete Norman transformation of England. More recently, the grounds of the debate have shifted. The module will look at new approaches to the Conquest via:

military history
cultural history
gender studies
the history of the family
You’ll also consider new methods of analysing texts and documents like Domesday Book (1086). In doing so, you’ll be able to see patterns of cultural change over time.

Module subject to final approval.

Please note, the Leeds International Summer School runs for four weeks (2 - 30 July 2022). You can choose to study with us for two weeks or for the full four-week programme. Each module lasts two weeks so you study one module if you choose to attend for two weeks and two modules if you choose to attend for four weeks.

Course leader

Emma Herbert-Davies

Target group

Undergraduate/Bachelor students

Course aim

Information TBC

Credits info

5 EC
The module is worth 10 Leeds credits = 5 ECTS. You can transfer the credits earned back to your home degree subject to approval.

Fee info

GBP 1820: Leeds International Summer School (LISS) is an all-inclusive programme. Included in the programme fee is tuition, accommodation, breakfast and lunch, Monday to Friday, module field trips, weekend excursions, social programme and The Edge sports centre membership. The cost of flights, insurance and visa is not included.


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