Nijmegen, Netherlands

Microplastic Pollution - from Problem Identification to Solution

when 15 August 2022 - 19 August 2022
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 600

The aim of this course is to learn about microplastic pollution and its impact on the environment and society. In this course, we will focus on the characterization and the basic properties of microplastics, their sources, and their pathway into the environment. We will summarize the methods used to monitoring microplastics and the procedures used to study microplastics in the laboratory. We will focus on the effects, behavior, and fate of microplastics in the natural environment and its interactions with other anthropogenic pollutants. The course will be organized as a lecture and virtual laboratory course.

Course leader

Gabriela Kalčikova
Assistant Professor and Researcher
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Chair of Chemical Process, Environmental and Biochemical Engineering

Target group

- 1st Year Bachelor
- Advanced Bachelor
- Master

This course may be of interest to a wide range of students as the subject is truly interdisciplinary and suitable for chemists, biologists, students of environmental sciences such as waste management and environmental/chemical engineering. Social science students are also encouraged to apply to this course as microplastics in the environment are the result of human behaviour and the most important and sustainable approach to reducing microplastic pollution is through collaboration between natural scientists, society and industry.

Course aim

After this course you are able to:

- Profound knowledge of the microplastics environmental issues.
- Knowledge principles of plastic pollution prevention.
- Development of the ability to transfer theoretical knowledge into practice.
- Basics of laboratory microplastic research.

Fee info

EUR 600: The fee includes the registration fees, course materials, access to library and IT facilities, coffee/tea, lunch, and a number of social activities.


We offer several reduced fees:
€ 540 early bird discount- deadline 1 April 2022 (10%)
€ 510 partner + RU discount (15%)
€ 450 early bird + partner + RU discount (25%)