Berlin, Germany

Design Build

when 14 August 2023 - 25 August 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 950

This Summer University project focuses on exploring Berlin through analogue hand drawing, and then using drawing and model making methods to design and construct a small building project. This project will run as a collaboration between Linescapes ( and the Open Space Collective, TU Berlin (

Week 1:
The emphasis of the first week of the course will be set on drawing as a tool for understanding an analysis. The subject of analysis will be the city of Berlin, the city fabric, micro urban situations and the Design-Build project site. Through this, the students will not only obtain the skill of hand-drawing but also master an analytical method. The course attendees will be able to replicate and reapply this method in their later academic and professional work.

Weeks 2:
The Design-Build part of the project focusses on the realisation of a small building project for a special community in berlin. The students will develop an idea from the design stage to the built project. An examination of the context and discussions with the clients and users will form the basis for the final design. In a competitive design workshop, the best and most feasible solution(s) will be selected and developed. In collaboration with the users and under the guidance of a craftsman, the design will be built and inaugurated.

The challenge will be integrate "low-cost" and "high efficiency" requirements with considerations for sustainability, aesthetics, appropriateness, participation and education. In order to profit from the high potential of these small-scale projects the focus has to be placed on the quality of the space that is created. Design decisions and implementation therefore needs to be made precisely and carefully.

Course leader

Simon Colwill studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Greenwich in London and worked for many years thereafter as a freelance landscape architect in Berlin.

Target group

The course is aimed at students who need to use drawing as a design tool in their studies and later in their professional work. It is also aimed at students who want to gain creative and practical knowledge through designing and making.

This course is particularly suitable for students of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Engineering, Sociology and any other interested individuals who are willing to leave the boundaries of their desks, and conquer real life scenarios.

Course aim

Learning Goals:

The participants will develop their creative, practical and professional skills through creative experimentation and the process of making.

Comprehensive spatial and structural understanding ofBerlin
Basic and advanced hand drawing techniques
Visual communication tools such as perspective,isometry, diagram, and others
Knowledge of visual analytical methods
Development of design, detailing and materialknowledge
Developing skills in craftsmanship

Credits info

3 EC

Fee info

EUR 950: Student: 950 Euro
Working professional/Non-student: 1140 Euro