Paris, France

Climate Change - Impacts, adaptation and political constraints

blended course
when 13 June 2022 - 17 June 2022
language English
duration 1 week
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 1200

The impact of climate change on the economy (for example, agriculture, income, migration, etc.) and appropriate regulation of « the greatest externality the world has ever seen », as the Stern Review puts it, are increasingly at the center of the policy and scientific debate.

How do we measure the impacts of climate change on economic outcomes ? What are the relevant economic instruments to combat climate change in a globalized world ? How do we transition toward a greener energy system ? How do lobbying and citizens’ assemblies influence the actual climate policies ? How can trade help regions mitigate the impacts of climate change ? How do we use geocoded data in empirical projects ?

Course leader

Hélène Ollivier (CNRS Research Fellow in Economics and Professor at PSE)

Target group

Young professionals and students with a very good level of English

Fee info

EUR 1200: On site
EUR 900: Online