Potsdam, Germany

German Course - Deutsch(land)kurs Willkommen

when 13 March 2024 - 27 March 2024
language German
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 295

Preparatory German course for international students aiming to study in German/at the University of Potsdam. Learning by doing is the motto of our German course - trial-and-error, quite normal and absolutely desirable.
Therefore, only German is spoken and written in this course. In this way, hour after hour you will internalize more of the pronunciation of the words and letters, as well as much of the structure of the German language. This should make it easier for you to deal with your new everyday and teaching language.
Topics: Survival Training Germany, German for Studying and current Topics and Students' interest

Course leader


Target group

The course is primarily aimed at students with A2 German language level or higher

Course aim

- You can communicate in everyday situations
- You become more confident when speaking German
- You build up your vocabulary and grammar skills
- You train your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills
- You build up contacts with other international students
- You develop and demonstrate awareness of cultural perspectives, products and practices and you learn to prevent cultural misunderstandings
- You know the campus Neues Palais and the most important facilities of the University
- You will find your way around Potsdam and Berlin

Fee info

EUR 295: The course fee includes placement test, course material, city tours, and certificate of completion