Berlin, Germany

From B With Love – City Tales as Printed Matters

when 21 July 2022 - 25 July 2022
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 550

Pictorial staging of urban spaces is the theme of the workshop. The project consists of explorations in the city of Berlin and their translation into digital graphic images using the printing technique of risography. We will explore different possibilities of image creating through experimental design tools. How can manual and technical methods (drawing, photography) be used to develop an individual, contemporary visual language? What are their relationships to urban reality?

Berlin as a public stage will be the trigger for our design process. Intangible moments shared during the field research will be visually expressed with risograph printing – certain techniques influence the aesthetics of the product in a way that printing becomes a creative tool rather than a mere means to reproduce information. Our observations will then find their way back into the public space as postcards. This small-format exemplifies the use of colour as a medium and shows how a complex streetscape can be condensed into an image to concisely express a subjective moment.


Day 1

Input lecture
Experiment I

Day 2

Conceptional phase
Individual mentoring

Day 3

Experiment II
Conceptional phase
Guest review

Day 4

Experiment III
Individual mentoring

Day 5

Final production and presentation


Pleasure in experimental image-making
Passion for digital printing (risography)
Interest in alternative design methods
Enthusiasm for urban realities


Laptop with image editing and layout software
Mobile phone
Mobile phone camera (optionally DSLR camera)
Sketchbook and writing tools
Colours (to be determined)

Course leader

Judith Holly, Thomas Lehner

Fee info

EUR 550: Max. number of participants: 20