Berlin, Germany

Transitions – Drawing and Space

when 19 September 2022 - 23 September 2022
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 480

This drawing workshop will explore the transition spaces of urban Berlin but experiment with drawing in an open and interpretive manner. We'll focus on practical artistic work combined with critical discourses.

During the introduction, we will exchange various ideas on transit spaces and drawing process. Transitions between lines and space, inside and outside, between here and there, in the actual urban world and imagination where interspace, movements, traces, borders, and its exceedances matter. We will then in mutual exchange choose the way we want to deal with the subject and which places to work with.

Starting with the Berlin University of the Arts itself, we will explore the city and the urban space. We will begin our exploration in the neighborhood and expand it day by day in our search for spaces of transition.

The working phases will be combined with studio visits of Berlin-based artists and/or exhibitions.


This course is suitable for people with an artistic background in Fine Arts, Architecture, Design, Visual Communication or even Dance, and for people who are generally interested in experimenting with different approaches to drawing.

Course leader

Pauline Kraneis

Fee info

EUR 480: Min. number of participants: 10
Max. number of participants: 12

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