Tartu, Estonia

Rethinking EU's Enlargement From Western Balkans to Eastern Neighbourhood

when 8 August 2022 - 14 August 2022
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 500

The course will concentrate on the European Union and its future enlargement in Western Balkans and Eastern Neighbourhood. Past years have brought Europe several new challenges tied with migration, defence and security, enlargement and international threats from Russia. Little is left from the original goal of the Eastern Partnership as the most committed partners might be recognised as member candidates for the EU, while Azerbaijan and Armenia could develop more effective bilateral relations with the EU. This indicates the need for a new direction regarding the EU's enlargement policy.

The summer course will provide participants with both practical and theoretical knowledge and skills to analyse and problem-solve related issues.

Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies offers an extensive experience in arranging and managing different learning opportunities (MOOCs, trainings, summer schools) along with experts working with the topics involved.

Course leader

Stefano Braghiroli, Associate Professor of European Studies

Target group

MA/PhD and advanced BA

Course aim

After finishing this course, participants:

– Know theoretical approaches about enlargement, diplomacy and conflict management
– Develop understanding about the historical context and new approaches about the EU and its enlargement
– Acquire knowledge about challenges and perspective in Western Balkans and Eastern Neighbourhood
– Assess perspectives and problems of the EU candidate and neighbourhood policy target countries
– Identify and evaluate trends of mutual influence across the territorial contexts and role of the Europeanisation process

Fee info

EUR 500: Students are responsible for their travel, accommodation and travel insurance (visa arrangements if needed) from their home country to Tartu and back to their home country. It is recommended to visit the Tartu Welcome Centre website and Student Hostel website to find accommodation opportunities. It is possible to take a bus from Tallinn Airport to Tartu Coach Station (180km). Ticket information on Tpilet.


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