Berlin, Germany

Writing = Design

when 8 August 2022 - 12 August 2022
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 550

Learn about writing as a design tool. Make words work for you! Creative writing provides you with manifold possibilities in private and professional communication.

Writing is design if you know the how-to. Get to know your creative potential in dealing with words (that often seem to be a field of insecurity for visual designers). No need to be afraid! We’ll show you techniques that will make it easy for you to get started. Fun little exercises, both orally and in writing, are our preferred method. Learn how to condense your thoughts via words. Learn to grasp your ideas and observations by describing them to an audience. Learn how to speak about yourself and the offer you make for professional markets. The best thing: get instant feedback from the group, plus professional assessment. We will support you in finding your way with words, your verbal personality, thus adding to your visual identity and making it even more convincing.

Elements of professional copywriting we will address: functions of a headline, how to develop a name, a claim, text hierarchy, guiding your reader, target groups, short vs. longer texts, different verbal styles, tonality. Please feel free to bring your topics – we will try to include them in our schedule.


Day 1 / Monday


Get to know each other: background, expectations, topics
Get started: exercise 1 (description, self-presentation)

Day 2 / Tuesday


Lecture by Sonja: what is text, why is it needed/useful
Learn: exercise 2 (headline, text hierarchy, structure)

Day 3 / Wednesday


Lecture by Christoph: why and how do I write as a designer
Learn: exercise 3 (style/tonality, short vs. longer texts)

Day 4 / Thursday


Reflect on your style: what suits me best? (verbal identity)
Spend half a day practising, reworking your texts from the 3 exercises

Day 5 / Friday


Present your work: who I am / what I want to say (authorship)
Get group response and discuss: do I reach my target audience?

What participants of last year’s workshop said

“It was a super valuable and intense experience.”

“As I am not a native English speaker, I often feel anxious about my written language. However, from this course, I gained the confidence to be more fearless. (…) Not only did I improve my writing skills, but also speaking, presenting, discussing, and listening.”

“I especially appreciated the time, precision, and patience from Sonja and Christoph, with which they helped us analyzing and finalizing our writing.”

“Their attention to detail and passion for language, text, and design was of great value for our work during the course.”

“The workshop made me realize that writing is a serious craft, and I felt more encouraged to take my writings seriously.”


Your CV and a short motivational statement
Your expectations from the course (summary)


Everybody is welcome.
Fluent English or German is required.

Course leader

Sonja Knecht, Christoph Rauscher

Fee info

EUR 550: Follow-Up Course costs 230 EUR