Salzburg, Austria

Experimental Education Protocol 4: The Ethereal Forest

when 1 August 2022 - 13 August 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 640

This course is part of the International Summer Academy Salzburg 2022.

The course employs an alternative educational methodology in which the participants (also called co-experimenters) will connect the dots of various places/people/situations with the concept of eco-ontology, prompting an ontological inquiry into what is natural/physical, what is ethereal/intangible, or else prompting reconceptions of what it is for humanity to exist and survive. Taking as inspirations the stories, sites, rituals, and visuals in and around Salzburg, the course will expand ideas of new spiritualities between physical and hybrid corporealities. Every kind of medium and process will be accepted for the proposed seminars conducted by the participants/co-experimenters. The workshops and meetings among the participants will be performed both indoors and outdoors. The course will be divided into three stages. In the first stage, participants/co-experimenters will survey the local context, bridging places/situations/people with the general statement they are working with in preparing their workshop/presentation. In this stage, there will be individual and communal consultations. The goal of the second stage is to conduct the workshops in a conversational mode. One participant can also conduct more than one workshop, and one workshop can be conducted by more than one person. The aim of the third stage is to design a PDF/book that integrates all material generated from all the participants in the form of interviews and research material.

Course leader

Angelo Plessas

Target group

Open to anyone interested in fine arts (focus on Experimental education, Performance)

Course aim

This course follows a non-didactic method and attempts to trigger the individual into a creative process that transforms her/him/they into both creator and receptor of experiential education. In addition, the class will give the confidence to be able to speak in public, to work communally, and to create their own content through the use of self-publishing.

Fee info

EUR 640: Regular fee
EUR 480: Reduced fee for students


Scholarship applications can be sent by 29th April 2022.