Barcelona, Spain

Multilevel 1 - Introduction to multilevel models

blended course
when 4 July 2022 - 6 July 2022
language English
duration 1 week

The course introduces the concepts of multilevel analysis, whose main aim is to model the relationships between and within groups. Typical situations include individuals clustered into families, schools, firms, geographical areas. The course focuses on the two-level linear model as a template to illustrate issues of specification, estimation and inference. The main ideas are illustrated through case studies. A typical field of application is education, where students are clustered into schools: the first case study aims at assessing the role of student and school factors on student achievement. Another relevant field of application of multilevel models is the analysis of cross-country data such as the European Social Survey: the second case study concerns political trust in Europe, considering individual and country-specific characteristics. The case studies are worked out with Stata. Moreover, each lesson includes guided exercises using Stata. Special attention is devoted to critical and controversial issues, such as group-mean centering of the covariates, sample size requirements, choosing between fixed and random effects, and using sampling weights.

Course leader

Leonardo Grilli, PhD & Carla Rampichini, PhD - University of Florence

Target group

Professionals, Researchers, and Students, who wish to develop high-quality surveys and employ up-to-date statistical methods for survey data analysis. Potential attendees include survey practitioners, marketing professionals, social science students, and researchers.

Fee info

EUR 0: Students: 125€
Researchers: 230€
Professionals: 300€