Dubrovnik, Croatia

Improved Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs)

when 4 September 2022 - 15 September 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks

Give initial training to pre-doctoral students (last year master students with the potential of starting a PhD) and PhD students, so that they can develop their doctoral thesis in the field of WILIAM, its possible improvements and the exploitation of its results for different cases of policies and scenarios. Priority should be given to PhD students while last year master students will need to be carefully examined, in order to be sure whether they can follow the course. The LOCOMOTION consortium encourages female participants to apply. At the end of the course, students should be able to work with the WILIAM model to obtain results and simulate policies and scenarios. Those researchers who know other IAMs will be able to know the different characteristics of WILIAM and take advantage of its potentialities.

Course leader

1. Prof.dr.sc. Neven Duić
2. Dr. Inigo Capellan Perez
3. Asst.prof. Tomislav Pukšec
5. Professor Inaki Arto
6. Professor Luis Javier Miguel González
7. Dr. Robert Oakes
8. Lukas Eggler, MSc, BA

Target group

The course is aimed at students who want to start their pre-doctoral training in the field of integrated energy-economy-environment assessment models and (E3- IAMs) researchers in general who want to know the WILIAM model.

Course aim

The main aim of the summer school is energy and climate planning and modelling of smart systems and exchange of experiences with experts in the field. A special focus will be on the improved integrated assessment models (IAMs), with improved data management, policy and scenario assessment, as well as systematic dynamic modelling of relevant environmental, economic, social, technological and biophysical variables. Finding a new and improved representation of smart energy systems in IAMs is a key issue in calculating policy scenarios and their emissions.

Fee info

EUR 0: No fee for this summers school. Summer school is a part of Horizon 2020 project LOCOMOTION (https://www.locomotion-h2020.eu/).

Application at our website.